What Programs Are Available at Nanjing Forestry University?

AcademicsNanjing Forestry University Is Here to Provide a Broad Spectrum of Study Fields

A Situated in the heart of Jiangsu Province, China's green valley - Nanjing Forestry University (NFU) was identified to provide specialized programs in forestry and environmental sciences. Nonetheless, the university offers a myriad of other schools as diverse disciplines to its massive student population.


ALL Forestry Engineering, Forest Protection and Wood Science and Technology programs The aim of these programmes is to prepare students with competences enabling them firstly, secure management the forest resources in a sustainable way and secondly start their own operation by an initiation within wood processing industry.

NFU is also a pioneer in environmental studies, not only has NFU established forestry. It serves as a place for studying degrees in Environmental Science and Engineering with the intention of responding to international environmental issues using innovative researches together with practices.

Expanding to Broader Fields

In addition to its traditional programs, the NFU offers additional courses in Engineering, Material Science and Biotechnology. Designed to support the needs of expanding industrial output in China, these will cover key enterprise growth themes & top tech/bioengineering sectorisation.

Business and Economics

NFU understands the necessity of commerce and management in natural resources as well as Environmental conservation; hence it offers specializations to students like Economics, Management Science and Business Administration. These programs combine business principles with the management of natural and environmental resources, preparing students to meet challenges in local as well as global markets.

Liberal Arts and Humanities

NFU includes the usual liberal arts and humanities education: design, language studies (as one would expect from a multilingual faculty), social sciences. Such programs are necessary to ensure that new graduates emerge equipped both with technical competency and broad cultural and ethical awareness.

International Programs & Collaboration

NFU is a university that values international collaboration and provides a number of English taught programs to attract the brightest minds from across the globe. These programs are supported by the university to create a diverse academic community and be interconnected with global education/research network.

For more information on the availability of programs, as well as admissions requirements specific to Nanjing Forestry University power refer to their official website or directly contact them.


Nanjing Forestry University has a wide range of courses that support the leadeship role as an organization in the field of forestry and environmental sciences while assisting student academic and proffessional requirements. NFU has a strong background in specialised and interdisciplinary education, making it especially suited: the task is to train professionals as well as leaders of tomorrow.

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